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Intraday Finance is an Applied R&D (Research & Development) company focused on financial markets.The core business is based on the intraday knowledge.
Within Intraday Finance the trader is the researcher! In this way, experimented traders are in charge of the Applied R&D.
The company Applied R&D covers several markets (Futures, FX, CFD,…) as well as many asset classes (Indices, rates, commodities…).



Intraday Finance is specialized in the intraday field. With many years of professional experience in asset management and trading, Intraday Finance’s teams are highly skilled in :
- intraday data management problems,
- intraday trading strategy setting-up,
- back-tests, coding of intraday strategies,
- algorithmic trading, live trading…
Because the trader is the researcher, all trading strategies are supported by real trading experience and/or findings. All findings/insights are tested live on financial markets: this is Applied R&D!



The Intraday Finance teams are mostly composed by former traders coming from most recognised banks, asset managers and Hedge Funds.
Now trader-researchers within Intraday Finance, they remain permanently in operational mode. Following the markets and its trends/evolutions, they are the main tracks to the development of new intraday trading strategies.

“Due to the financial crisis isn’t algo trading too dangerous?”
From June 2007, financial market moves change the standard trading models that were working before. This is why Intraday Finance’s teams are working on new intraday models based on the current financial situation and a risk limited focus.
New Partner in IF team
Alain Taillefer (25 years experience in financial markets) joined Intraday Finance Team as a Partner and Investment Manager.
Morning Call
Launching of our new premium services: Intraday Finance Morning Call
New Program
Launching of the new Short Term Intraday Program
IMV Program close !
Intraday Mix Program was closed on Sept-30th 2016. IMVP 2016 return = -11.05% / IMVP return since inception (Jan-01st 2014) = +9.05%