Intraday Field : How and Why?
Financial markets investment strategies can me made on different time basis. Intraday Finance is focused on the market structure : from minutes to hour investments lenght !

Intraday Finance tends to take profits from technical progress and markets evolutions.

We use the most specific statistics softwares.
We use the latest protocols and programming softs.
We have access to a lot of data (including a long historical track record) enabling the use of heavy back-testing phases.
Applied R&D

Applied R&D means no empirical conceptions. Models are created by traders and tested live on markets!

As the trader is the researcher, all the trading strategies creation come from real trading experience and findings.

The applied R&D process needs many phases from the hypothesis to the conception, and from the application to the validation of a new algorithmic trading program. The traders/researchers are constantly involved in all these phases in order to match perfectly with the financial markets constraints.