Expertise and creative ideas

Intraday Finance is an Applied R&D company in financial markets focused on the intraday field. More than the intraday problematics management, we are specialised in the creation of new intraday algorithmic trading programs.

Intraday Finance’s R&D is based on an innovative operationnal trading that ensure:

  • A permanent strategic monitoring of financial markets that enables the discovery of new trading ideas and research tracks,
  • The justification of the research tracks by a simulation mode,
  • The validation of the research tracks with an important back-tests phase,
  • The validation of new trading algorithms by subjecting them to a phase of live trading on financial markets.

  • A team of experts
    A dynamic and experienced team

    Intraday Finance’s top management includes traders who worked for well known and recognized financial institutions. Today, they take advantage of their experience by creating new trading tools as well as handling low risk ratios with elevated performances.

    Pierre Callizot
    Michel Durand

    Alain Taillefer
    Partner - Investment Manager
    The dematerialization of all major market places and the capacity to have access to an impressive calculation software allow us to develop innovative, efficient and above all reliable trading tools…"
    Pierre Callizot
    Using the methodology of intraday frequency finance allows a very different risk return profile to traditional low frequency standards. We can build models better adapted to changing market environments. These models have a much longer life span than traditional ones…"
    Michel Durand
    our philosophy
    High performance / Limited risks
    To analyse, set up, develop and finally to test live trading algorithms in the intraday field. While a lot of today's algorithms are focused on high-frequency low-latency trading (software battle to find the next best trick) we pride ourselves on our ability to remain focused on the market itself, staying away from the short-term software race.
    Intraday Finance created an innovative R&D concept

    OurTraders-Researchers create algorithms first in a simulation mode during heavy back-tests then in live trading on the financial markets.

    Intraday Finance handles all financial risks and every model created has its own live track record.
    Development steps
    Similar to pharmaceutical drug development, the development of an algorithm needs many binding steps which are vital for the model life.

    4 main phases are necessary with many validation steps into each phase. These phases can last from 1 to 2 years.

    • Economic and trends analysis
    • Characteristics of the algorithm
    • Synoptic
    • Coding
    • Backtesting
    • Optimization
    • Live trading
    • Packaging