• Trading effective during a market session. No position held overnight.

  • Automatized trading. An algorithm generates trading signals and executes them on financial markets.

  • Research and Development are made by operationals. Creations result from real findings.

  • To check a trading idea is valuable, once coded, it is tested through past trading sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the advantage of the intraday trading? of the algorithmic trading?

Intraday trading allows to take profit of market opportunities without handling any overnight risk! You are not exposed to external factors (earthquake, terrorism acts...) when you are not trading. Algorithmic trading allows to trade many different products in the same time. More, the trading is made without emotional bias.

Due to the financial crisis is not algo trading too dangerous?

From June 2007, financial market moves change the standard trading models that were working before. This is why Intraday Finance teams are working on new intraday models based on the current financial situation and a risk limited focus.

Why is the intraday field such a complicated IT problem?

The last decade most of the financial markets went electronical. This means plenty of electronical datas to deal with. These datas represent thousands of financial products on different time frames, different time zones and with plenty of different quotes methods. In addition of the heavy size, the quality of these datas is really important. To be quick, intraday field requires a lot a knowledge of financial products, financial market places and really powerful IT tools.

Is that something similar to the famous high frequency trading?

Definitely not. High frequency trading (HFT) is based on ultra low latency (the time between the information comes from the market to your computer) in order to be the first to see orders coming and take profit of this advantage. HFT trading is a computer war competition with thousand of orders sent to the market for a few one executed. Intraday Finance creates algorithmic programs to benefit from the intraday paterns. Every order is sent to the market in order to be executed.